It is the day of the book launch, it’s been very exciting indeed and that is even without the nibbles. We went to the House of Illustration where we took over a room with 24meters of bunting!
24 metres of bunting
There were also lots of bow ties and other fun things to look at and of course there was tea and cake. Caroline and her helpers were busy pinning things up and placing things around, I tried to keep myself out the way so I sat on top of the postbox which was very comfortable. I managed to help put the bunting up, saying when it was straight and telling everyone what a nice job they were doing.
Mr G sitting on postbox

I most enjoyed the tea and cake, because the cake was from Betty’s and that is always a treat. Also, whilst I ate and drank I got to chat with lots of interesting people, some of whom wanted me to sign their book, that was brilliant! I’ve never signed books before and it was really brilliant!
Mr G signing books
I’ve never had a book made before and although it was lots of work I think it will really help to get people and creatures thinking about ‘can you can’t do something?’ and encourage them to have a go at something in a different way or maybe they’ve never tried. Who knows, we may see penguins ice skating on the moon before too long!