deskThis is me, Mr Gerald, Mr G for short. I’m a bow tied giraffe, a writer and a tea drinker…………cake nibbler, maker up of words and biscuit imaginer, lots of things. Mostly I spend my time writing. I like to write with a pen in my diary and then Caroline does some pictures to go with whatever I’ve written. I like drawing too, but I find writing easier and whilst Caroline is drawing it gives me a chance to drink some tea!

One of my favourite things is drinking tea (made from leaves and brewed in a teapot). I drink a lot of tea. I think it’s because giraffes come from places which are very hot and so they they get very thirsty all of the time. I also quite like a bit of cake or biscuit to nibble when I have my tea… or toast, toast goes with tea too – I like toast with raspberry jam!

I like going outside when its raining (so long as I’ve got my umbrella). I always feel like I’m being extra adventurous and when you come back inside it feels really cosy.

umbrellaI work with Caroline. She does all my illustrations. I have tried painting but when I have the brush in my mouth and I move my neck too quickly the paint flicks everywhere, I end up looking very colourful but the paper doesn’t! Caroline is my biggest human friend, I mean she’s the one I spend the most time with, she’s not actually the largest human friend I have. I have lots of friends and they are all different creatures. I like talking to new people and creatures, I like to find out things I didn’t know or different ways of doing things. Here is an introduction to a few of my friends…….

Questions and Answers 

What do you most enjoy about writing?

It’s fun! I like to find out ‘what would happen if’ either by trying or just imagining. I like to see what Caroline creates after I’ve written stuff. It’s also really nice to solve problems and create happy endings because you can’t always do that in life.

Do you ever get stuck with your writing, what do you do then?

I can’t write if I’m even a little bit hungry or thirsty, I have to have to have something to eat and drink first. But if I can’t get settled Caroline and I might go for a walk, look at some illustrations, or attempt the crossword!

Why does your tea have to be loose leaf?

I think it tastes better. Plus, I like waiting for it to brew having to wait just a moment, you can relax for a bit and enjoy imagining how good it’s going to taste. Also, I don’t think it would be very exciting if you tried to read someone’s fortune with a teabag!

Where’s your favourite place?

I like Bath and York, they both have some excellent places for tea. I like being by the sea, but not in it, I don’t swim and it’s very cold, I’d much rather sit and watch with an ice cream!

What would you do if you weren’t a writer?

I would like to do something with music, I like to bop around to jazz and brassy bands. I’m not sure I could play an instrument very easily, perhaps I could conduct?!