HerbHerbert Parsley – Herb is from the north, not the north pole but the north of England (where it can be a little colder!). Herb is very keen on cricket and would like to play for Yorkshire or England. He’s also keen on jazz and would like to play the trumpet. Herb’s favourite tea is ‘a nice spot of Earl Grey’. Apart from wicket keeping one of Herb’s top talents is waving from trains, he is an absolute expert and gets almost everybody to wave back, it’s so much fun to watch him.

CarolineCaroline – I’ve mentioned her already, she’s my illustrator and friend. She’s more than just my illustrator though, she helps me with lots of things and she handles all my business arrangements. It can be difficult as a bow tied giraffe, I’m yet to find a bank who will let me open an account! We have lots of fun together and spend nearly all our days writing, drawing and tea drinking (got to keep the creative juices moisturised!). Caroline likes making lots of things. When she does crochet I help by feeding her the wool, though I have to be careful not to get my horns tangled up in it!

NigelNigel, the hippopotamus with the big big bottomus – You might expect a hippopotamus to have an ample sized bottomus, but you may not expect that Nigel is also very keen on brasicas (these are vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower), he likes to cook with them and other ingredients too. You may also be surprised to know that Nigel also likes jogging, he can’t go that fast but he enjoys doing a few laps round the living room before reclining on the sofa.