bow-tie-for-inclusionInclusion is about everyone being together and it not mattering if you look or do something different to someone else. It’s more important that we all try to get along together by understanding and accepting that we are all ourselves. For example, someone might want to wear a black bow tie round their neck, and someone else might want to wear a giant pink bow tie with blue spots over their head – it’s really up to each individual.

I’ve been asking lots of people at the V&A Museum of Childhood what they think inclusion means and why it might be important. I’m working all the ideas into one piece of fabric (well actually Caroline is doing the drawing side of that, I am just making suggestions of where bits could go together). I’m going to make an official ‘inclusion’ fabric which I’m then going to make bow ties out of.

If you’d like to have a go at making your own bow tie for Inclusion, you can find out how to, here. If you do have a go please send me a picture!