can you can't do something

What am I doing?
I’ve been back at the V&A Museum of Childhood! I’ve still been asking ‘can you can’t do something?’ questions but this time they are about sport. I’m writing a book you see and with all the activity of the Paralympics in Rio I thought I’d be able to get plenty of material. At the museum I was asking people (and any other creatures) to help with designs for the official ‘can you can’t do something?’ bow tie. It’s all about how we come together, each with our different ways. You can see how the bow tie is coming along here.

The reason  I’m doing this is to try and teach people about the ways of bow tied giraffes, which not everyone understands! And then there are waistcoated penguins and hippos in trainers and many more, I think its paramount (more important than anything else) that instead of looking at how we are different to each other, we try to understand each other.

Writing back to me
You can write back to me with answer to the ‘can you can’t do something?’ questions here, I will look forward to reading what you say.

I hope to hear from you

Rio flyer