What I’ve been doing

This was me and the work I’ve been doing recently at the V&A Museum of Childhood, (you can see what I set out to do below). It was a very interesting time indeed and I’ve discovered it’s definitely not just bow tied giraffes who have assumptions (something people think without actually knowing) made about them. It also looks like everyone has to find different ways round things because the suggested or ‘normal’ way doesn’t work for them.


I think it’s really important that everyone (giraffe, human or other creature) is themselves and does things in a way that feels comfortable to them, not try to do things the same way as others because someone thinks you ought to. If this was the case I’d only ever get twigs and leaves to eat, because it is assumed that’s what I will want, when actually I like all sorts of things (particularly cake and tea). Talking of which, the other very important thing I’ve discovered from this research is that the most popular type of biscuit is chocolate, but Jaffa cakes are a close second, although you could say this is also a type of chocolate biscuit, or is it a cake?

Writing back to me

I’m still collecting material for the book and I’d love to hear what stories you have to tell or what you think on the biscuit front, please send me your thoughts Here

What I set out to do

Have you ever found people think things about you which aren’t true? I dream of having my books published but have found it may not be that easy. Some people think that just because of who I am I wont be able to do things and they don’t even ask if I can or not and, if I can’t whether I can think of another way round it.

Do people ever make assumptions about you? Have you been told you can’t do something and found in one way or another you can? Do you know what makes you, you? I’ll be leaving up some of my notes and a bow tied postbox for you to write back to me, I’d love to hear about your experiences and ideas.

Whilst you’re there you can also post your designs for Mr Gerald’s ‘big bow tie draw’ and try and  spot a few of my extra large bow ties I left in the museum during my visit. If you want to come wearing a bow tie you would be most welcome to!

There will be an audio described version available to listen to if that helps you and there will be some touch trail boards so that if you can’t see the large bow ties, you can feel them!

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